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1015 Third Avenue 12th Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

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Oil & Gas
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Expeditors Reviews

3 reviews
Expeditors has been one of the best employment experiences I have had. The company culture is difficult and discouraging for new hires, but anyone who adopts the 10 cultural attributes and trusts management will see their career flourish. In my specific experience, my managers were willing to work with me to essentially create a role within my department matching my academic and previous professional experience and future aspirations. A job I was more or less "showing up for" yet putting in my best turned into a dream opportunity within my field. Put in the effort with a solid attitude and Expeditors will pay you ten fold in all categories.
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The Boston office is definitely a buttoned up corporate experience. Hard work does not always pay off here. There is a very large gab between the "old timers" and new young employees in how a work place should operate. This leads to a lot of butting heads, ego trips, and sometimes can become downright toxic. I was in a unique situation though which have me a lot of freedom so I stayed out of that for the most part. By being close with my managers I had a good time there. I feel like I owe my managers but not the company.
The head manager is always expecting more work from the second shift, and we recieve breaks 6 hours into our shift.