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25 Lake Avenue Extension
Danbury, CT 06811

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Ethan Allen as an overall company is great to work for. They have standard leave, vacation, and time off policies. Incentives and bonus structure are great, though this can be heavily dependent on the market you work in as they do hardly any advertising, and if you're not on the east coast, you have more legwork before the clients buy. Dependent on location is day-to-day work experience. As with any retail chain, who is at the management level varies, and can make the difference of a successful and happy workplace and the exact opposite. Look for red flags when interviewing. Additionally, as a thought, I find it wild that a business built largely on the backs of working women professionals has no support in regards to childcare. Upward mobility is fantastic if that is the path one would like to pursue.
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Great atmosphere and energy. We are a smaller design center but we all have eachothers backs. Corporate seems to take away commission when a delivery driver messes up someone houses which is really unfair to the designers. In reality, even if you don't have a degree for this field, anyone can get hired. You don't need to know how to use CAD or any program like that. Ethan Allen has their own.
The pressure on the designers to sell makes everyone on edge and creates tension on and off the sales floor. They need to change the uptight, stuffy feeling of the sales floor and maybe this could be a great place to work.