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650 Davis Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
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Esurance Insurance Services Reviews

3 reviews
Esurance is a small company with large aspirations. They were a leader in the industry to offer insurance online but soon lost out to their competitors because they did not adjust as technology advanced. Now that they are part of the Allstate brand they have capital to begin to better there processes, tech, and training they had their first year since they started where they profited. If they can work to improve how balance workloads they will be a great company.
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I learn something new everyday and see how my work really makes an impact. Amazing colleagues and company programs that promote community involvement and giving back like Summer of Service.
Love the environment and love what I do every day. I have the opportunity to grow and expand my personal development within the company. The pay is great and the hours are very flexible. Definitely proud to work for this company.