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About Essentia Health St Mary's Medical Center...
407 East Third Street
Duluth, MN 55805
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I feel that no company, or person, can be absolutely perfect. I do feel that we can achieve to be excellent. I feel that Essentia Health does an amazing job of keeping its employees and customers satisfied. I currently hold two positions at Essentia. I have worked for Essentia Health for around two years and I am very happy with Essentia. I feel at home and appreciated as an employee and a patient!
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I love working at the hospital. I do not agree or like the way that the company spends their money. I find it very sad that the company is buying new buildings and building new hospitals and laying off 600+ employees. I think the staffing and the pay is also an issue. I make less money here then I would at any of the surrounding nursing homes or St Lukes. I chose to stay because of the learning opportunities and the fact that we are leading in the Northland.
Essentia Health is a patient-focused organization that seems to value employee well-being more than many other organizations. They maintain the economy of the Northland area and do a very good job of taking care of patients.