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I enjoy my co-workers and the unit I have the opportunity to work on. My unit manager is generally a supportive manager to work for. There are numerous units within the organization that allow for growth and new experiences if a person desires. The union contract allows nurses benefits to attend trainings or apply for tuition reimbursement to further education.
I work in a fast paced environment and our current motto is “Like Nowhere Else.” We strive to make patients and guests have the best health experience. I would like to see more positive growth in the employers and employees.
Essentia Health is a massive 401c(3) non profit organization that offers employement to thousands of community members. It is Catholic inspired, and employees receive a daily email including a prayer. It is otherwise secular in nature.

Essentia Health management is approachable, and employees receive ongoing training that helps keep everyone's skill at a working level. This is a nice job perk, though it is something that needs to be fit into breaks because time will not be created to complete it.

The benefits and wages are low compared to other places in the nation. The company makes up for this by being a friendly and enjoyable place to work.
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Like the environment, the learning aspect is good for for i want an education in the Field.
There always looking for ways to improve for the company and staff.
Have meeting and articles to show how the company is doing and how we want to expand to reach more people
I feel like they treat their employees as a number. They care more about their bottom line than they do about their employees. They force their staff to do things and yet do not give them basic rights like security.
For the most part, Essentia is a great place to work. Administration does not care about employees concerns, this is frustrating for many employees. If you treat employees good- it is a trickle affect- the patients will be a top priority!!
Medical and dental is spend. Management is awesome. Engaged employees are great, but there are bad apples every where. I enjoy my job and my team.
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