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My work load is reasonable, my hours are flexible and I am encouraged to think about my personal wellness.
Eskenazi Health is best place to work. We are extremely inclusive with our employee. We have great culture and support system within each department. Overall is just great atmosphere to work in.
Great Benefits. Work environment is fast paced always an opportunity to grow and learn new things. Managers care about employees. Professional development is encourage.
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We serve a very difficult population and most us the employees love their jobs, however, management makes it very difficult to serve our patient and to connect with them
Pros: flexible schedules and plenty of overtime opportunities. Benefits seem good but are not offered for my position (I work PRN as I pursue my degree). People are very friendly and the onboarding process is long but well-coordinated
It's a very good place to start working at, but it is nearly impossible to move up the ladder. I love the environment although dealing with patients isn't for everyone. This job is not for everyone and the most difficult part about it is insurance.
In this hospital. I am currently working as a Medical Assistant. I interact with patients and work with the physicians in completing the goals of patients services. It has been a good experienced so far. Eskenazi Hospital cares about their patients. In my experience, there is always one thing that bothers me working in this hospitals. It is completely our job to give the best service to our patients but giving the patients the idea of how much we want to accomplish our goals is not such a great idea. The reason being is because patient tends to take advantage of our care and service and take the name of the hospital in a great bad manner.
Begin an employer though Eskenazi Health has been great journey. I have been employed though Eskenazi for 8 year and able to advance within my career twice this year. The employees are awesome and provide great care. The provider provide great care and actually care for there patients.
What I like about working at Eskenazi Health is the culture of kindness; towards employees and patients. Also, the time of every patient is of utmost importance. No patient is supposed to wait more than five minutes, in the clinic I work in, without being checked on, as to if they need something or to update the patient on how much longer it will be before the doctor will be with them.
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