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Technical Solutions Engineer: A great it for some people, but don't get sucked in by the pretty exterior. This is a tough company to get an interview and a job with. They put their applicants through several challenging tests and interviews before they get a job offer. The campus is BEAUTIFUL. It is like Disney Land for grown ups... BUT... most likely you will be working your tail off all day and won't have much time to enjoy where you are. This job is focused strongly on software so if that is not your forte, you may struggle to enjoy this job. I came from a Mech En. background and they told me not to worry about minimal software experience. Incorrect. It was way harder for me than others who had more experience with software. They do their best to set you up for success at Epic. They have a STRONG focus on constructive feedback along with interwoven support. You'll always feel like you have someone to ask dumb or difficult questions. Great place to work and a tough place to work.
Epic offers ample opportunity for professional growth, both personally and within the company. Expectations are high, but if you are able to self advocate for work-life balance, you will work with some of the sharpest people in the country.
Epic has an ambiguous work culture. You get what you put in and you develop and create your own role. You take on responsibilities and ownership of projects that are meaningful to you. It's considered a flat structure but it's hard for your voice to be heard since top management can be ambiguous as well. Overall, the work environment is great and people are friendly and work hard to achieve the end goals together.
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It's a great place to work, but only if you're motivated to truly work and help others. The work is meaningful. The campus and food are excellent. The company does what they feel is the right thing to do, even if it costs money. Overall, this is an awesome place to work!
Huge opportunity to grow professionally. Tons of safe-experiences to rapidly expand your level of oversight and responsibility. Supportive management overall.
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