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This is the best job I've ever had! I love my coworkers, my boss, and the job itself. The pay could be a bit better, but for an entry-level job it's not bad. I could level up at any point I wanted to, I've never had a better job. The company is awesome.
great place to work, very flexible staffing and easy to get time off when it is needed. They have great incentives for employees and do lots of fun activities. Entrata offers work at home options which is great for all parents young and old
I've worked in the Leasing Center at Entrata and it has been a very positive experience for me. The work environment is fun but full of hard workers. I feel supported by my coworkers and supervisors and totally comfortable approaching them with questions or goals I have. The supervisors also do an excellent job of setting high expectations and setting up employees for success.
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I work at the call center for the company and enjoy it immensely! Taking calls is hit or miss, of course, but the management listens, the coworkers are great, and they make sure our needs are met in order to exceed expectations.
I loved my bosses and my coworkers. It's a great environment because the company really invests in their employees. They are there to help the employees expand their careers and their skills both to benefit the company and to benefit you.
It's a good company to work for when you're in school. It offers $12 an hour starting pay, a $500 bonus after 500 hours, free gym membership if you stay with them over 6 months, medical benefits, dental benefits, and a retirement program. That's super good for being an entry level job requiring essentially 0 skills. It offers a stay at home program, which cuts out travel time. That makes it much easier during school. It also offers overtime with extra pay.
The actual work is kind of boring. You're just a customer service representative for various apartment businesses. However, it's not my career job and it's a good job for helping me get to that point. I'd recommend working for them if you're looking for a job to support you while you're in school.
I liked the atmosphere of the Company and the leadership were helpful and motivating. I really enjoyed the job and the pay was good.
This company really takes care of us as employees and makes sure we have the freedom and empowerment to do our jobs. They don't get in the way like many companies will. It's an amazing company that places a high value on their clients and on their employees.

In addition, they have lots of great perks including incentives, activities, stocked break rooms, and a lot more. Love working for Entrata!
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