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1364 Clifton Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30322
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Working for Emory is an opportunity of a lifetime. The perks and benefits are phenomenal. They compensate your tuition if you're studying anything related to what they can use you for. So for an aspiring BSN RN, I know I'm in the perfect place to be. They have so many free resources available for their employees such as therapy, discount sites, great healthcare coverage and so much more. Management here is also phenomenal. The standards for work ethics is unmatched. Everyone is expected to go above and beyond, and they always do. At Emory, I work as a call center food and nutrition associate and its hands on with the different diets and medical terminologies that can help me in my career. The pay rate is overwhelmingly decent as well. I highly recommend people to get their foot in the door with Emory, because besides the healthcare field its also a university. This can also open opportunities for future lecturers or administrative professionals.
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I love how everyone at the facility treated you like family rather than just a "co-worker" or "employee". I finished my undergrad at the school of medicine, so I was already familiar with the staff as they helped me prepare for the real world. The same respect and expectations that I was given as a student carried on with me through my employment with the facility. I was proud to call Emory my home and no other facility could compare. I have seen amazing procedures and was able to talk to some of the most extraordinary people with unforgettable stories that will last a lifetime.
Working for Emory Healthcare is such a pleasure everyday. Knowledge is available. Very good place to work, work-life balance is awesome, allows for growth and improvement. Emory cares about their employees and gives them the resources each individual needs to be successful.