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1 Elliot Way
Manchester, NH 03103
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The Elliot Hospital is top notch. It is the largest provider in healthcare services in Southern New Hampshire with 296 beds an acute care facility compassionate in providing care throughout the community. The Elliot Health System is composed of a dedicated Trauma Center, Urgent care facilities, and a level 3 Newborn Intensive Care Unit, and cancer center comprised of some of the best Elliot Physicians and specialist there is. Elliot also offers a one-day surgical center, Pediatrics specialties and Senior Health Center. The Elliot knows what our communities need when it comes to health care and they are always there to provide.
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The Elliot motto is "I care. I serve. I inspire." This is seen in every aspect of the workplace. It took me two years and 4 applications to become an employee at Elliot and it was well worth the wait. The turnover rate is low and employees who do choose a different workplace end up coming back because the Elliot is like no other. We are a family who helps our community. Each Friday my office chooses a different local entity to donate to, from food drives to school supplies and more. Pay and benefits are competitive based on other health care facilities in the area. I feel as though I am apart of something bigger than myself and would not change a thing.
I have been here for 16 + years, I love my job! The providers in the office are very friendly and welcoming. They do not make you feel any less then them. They are always there to listen or offer suggestions to help you grow. The managers are great also. They will also look for ways to help you grow as an employee but also as a person.