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3535 Harbor Boulevard
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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El Pollo Loco Reviews

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Pollo Loco Inc, is a really good place there really is not much to be changed. When I first started working for this company I was a bit shy and nervous because it was my first job other then working in the field for a lot of years. I have been there for about 3 years now and I have evolved so much in my Pollo Loco career I have learned so much I thank all my managers and co workers they all have helped me change and get better at where i am today!
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El Pollo Loco is a wonderful company to work for! Love meeting new people and trying great, new food!
I enjoyed working here. The pay was good for my first job and above the minimum wage. Although sometimes it could get busy and stressful, I always enjoyed it at the end of the day. The food is pretty good too.