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About Eastern Hills Church of Christ...
1200 E Corsicana St
Athens, TX 75751

About Eastern Hills Church of Christ

Religious Organization
Year Founded
Non-profit Status

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About the Area
  1. Crime & Safety
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  3. Diversity
  4. Nightlife
Area Feel
Sparse Suburban
Median Household Income
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Median Home Value

Eastern Hills Church of Christ Reviews

1 review
The church itself is a wonderful place to work and worship. I and my family do attend worship services and are apart of a wonderful church family. There is one custodial person and I who are in charge of the entire buildings upkeep. The supervisors are great to work with and they will help out as they can keeping their own responsibilities in mind. I have a very flexible work schedule and am able to work as many hours as I can up to 40 per week. The only draw back is there is no insurance or vacation intensives unless you are on salary with the minister staff. The up side is if there is a family emergency they will help you make sure you have the time off to get the situation resolved be that funerals or medical emergencies. This is a great place to work for someone starting off, a second income or just trying to get a foot in the door somewhere. The pay is not bad and the supervisor here will fight for you if a raise is deserved.
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