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Dunkin is a good place to work at, it gives you good experience for fast food, it is a very fast paced job and you rarely get bored.
A typical day at work 6am-1pm, extremely fast-paced which makes for the day going by fast. Must have the ability to multitask, take orders on the head set and be making coffee's at the same time. If you have a good crew it can help your store succeed tremendously! Night shifts are very slow, therefore a lot of stocking should be done. Then when the morning people come in and it's very busy they don't have to constantly run to the back room for supplies. I didn't find any part of the job particularly hard. The most enjoyable was serving customers their correct order in a timely fashion an the smile of satisfaction on their face.
The people I work with are amazing. The hours that I work are very flexible. I am usually very willing to take any shift that is offered to me. I would consider myself to be a loyal employee. Making people happy in the mornings when I give them coffee makes me feel good about myself. There can sometimes be disagreements with employees in the work place and I always try to remain neutral and stay out of any issues. Overall, I love the people I work with and we sometimes get together outside of the workplace to get dinner or just hangout.
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If you're looking for a first job, go to Dunkin' Donuts. There's a decent pay and a lovely work environment.
...this review is for a Dunkin Donuts in Toms River, NJ 08753. I would like the owners to take an interest as to what goes on in their store. Also would like hard work to be rewarded rather than laziness rewarded. There are NO employee incentives, and the pay is below average for the area. Mostly i would like the manager to care about the customers. She doesnt, therefore 99 percent of the employees dont either. She thinks its okay to give customers who order decaf regular caffeinated coffee if we run out of the decaf. That is in no way okay. So all the employees now think thats okay. Also she will not throw out food. Even if its way past date. Im sure you can guess what she does with it instead.
Wish management was more open-minded and willing to let employees have work life balance. My manager is always threatening to fire us if we don't come in when she calls. She complains about everything But doesn't tell you what she wants exactly. She is always leaving the store. But no Maye matter what we say or who we talk to nothing changes because she is really close withthe owners
The job overall is pretty entry level in terms of what you need to do. It prepares you to be able to handle money at the registers. You also learn how to brew coffee, make food and serve customers in a nice manor!
Dunkin Donuts was the first company that I have worked for and I was nervous. But it was just the place for someone new to get started and learn and experience working. The employees are so friendly and the management is structured fine and can be real leaders and teachers. The place has great variety of food as well as beverages.
I really enjoyed working here, the crew was really nice and we got along very well! The schedule hours were good and flexible since I am a full time student as well. It is a good first job in my experience, and helps you learn how to deal with customers of any kind and work under busy conditions to think witty.
It's a relatively easy-going workplace. Regulars tend to be very kind and everything is pretty systematic.
As an employee, the bosses need to learn to respect the employees more and understand limitations. Overall, the customers make the day worth it.
There are a couple of coworkers that make the experience not so bad. At our establishment, customers are either extremely rude or very kind. Our store is usually out of something. There wasn't one shift were I didn't say, "I'm so sorry we are currently sold out of (blank), is there something else I can get you?" My coworkers and I are always trying to do five jobs at once because we are understaffed. Our manager clearly wasn't very good at being a manager. I was so glad that I left.
Working at Dunkin was honestly the best year of my life! I loved each and every one of my co-workers and regular customers -- we became like a big wild family and I have no regrets or withholdings about it! Plus there's free coffee while you work, so how can you go wrong??
I was a previous employee of Dunkin Donuts and was not impressed by the treatment of the employees. I was a minor at the time and Would work eight hour shifts and only receive 10 minutes to eat lunch. I was constantly being downgraded by other employees and was unhappy there.
Managing shifts and weekly schedules interferes a lot with my class schedule and training would be much more feasible if the manager weren't so inconsistent in the expectations and responsibilities of the tasks to be completed.
They gave the oportunity to work at Broward Colle. They have taught me a lot about team work. Also, they have taught me everything baout food managmet, and how to have a good customer service.
It’s a fun, fast paced place to work. It’s the highest playing fast food chain to work for. If you like coffee, you’re in the right place
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I liked that it was close to home and that they would let me work around my school schedule. The people I had to work with were friendly.
I like that after years of working for them I have flexible hours but there is no growth , benefits or retirement plan with this job and minimal pay for working hard and never raises
I started at a very young age and as the youngest employee I tried to work hard for my money and quickly rose above my coworkers and got raises almost every year.
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