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130 Royall Street
Canton, MA 02021
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I really enjoyed working here, the crew was really nice and we got along very well! The schedule hours were good and flexible since I am a full time student as well. It is a good first job in my experience, and helps you learn how to deal with customers of any kind and work under busy conditions to think witty.
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Very good food, fast service and clean! Always greeted with a smile. Clear and precise order takers and every one seems happy to comet o work. Hours meet everyone's expectations and accommodations made too.
The people I work with are amazing. The hours that I work are very flexible. I am usually very willing to take any shift that is offered to me. I would consider myself to be a loyal employee. Making people happy in the mornings when I give them coffee makes me feel good about myself. There can sometimes be disagreements with employees in the work place and I always try to remain neutral and stay out of any issues. Overall, I love the people I work with and we sometimes get together outside of the workplace to get dinner or just hangout.