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130 Royall Street
Canton, MA 02021
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Dunkin’ Donuts is a great job for teenagers & young adults (I’m a high school senior)! Although it is a fast-paced work environment, Dunkin’ is a good option for those looking for an entry-level, part-time, or summer job because hours are typically flexible and you can learn a lot of necessary skills to apply to future jobs. I’ve been working at a Dunkin’ franchise for about a year now, and it may seem a bit hard at first, but the work gets easier in time. Also, my managers and co-workers are great for the most part, which makes working here more bearable. There aren’t really any benefits or scholarships (that I know of) and the pay isn’t spectacular, but we are allowed to take tips, which helps. Overall, I’ve had a pretty good experience working at Dunkin’, and I plan on staying at this job until a better opportunity opens for me.
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A typical day at work 6am-1pm, extremely fast-paced which makes for the day going by fast. Must have the ability to multitask, take orders on the head set and be making coffee's at the same time. If you have a good crew it can help your store succeed tremendously! Night shifts are very slow, therefore a lot of stocking should be done. Then when the morning people come in and it's very busy they don't have to constantly run to the back room for supplies. I didn't find any part of the job particularly hard. The most enjoyable was serving customers their correct order in a timely fashion an the smile of satisfaction on their face.
Dunkin' is a great place to work! Definitely allows you to grow as an employee. I've had the experience to be a crew member and become a shift leader. I've learned to delegate work as well as time manage, deal with stress and pressure, and handle customers. I've also learned to aspects of business in terms of inventory, budgeting, and scheduling. Overall, a great first job!