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Workplace stability is one of the primary benefits in the electrical utilities industry. Great educational assistance program, which I used for 14 years for 3 degrees, 2 in electrical engineering.
DTE is an amazing company to work for. They have excellent benefits and many job opportunities inside the company. Also, DTE takes care of its employees and is very concerned regarding their health and safe work practices.
DTE is very good at engaging others and creating community shared projects. DTE cares about the safety and livelihood of it's employees. They are strong force in driving volunteerism and implementing community based initiatives.
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Great place to work! I highly suggest working here for job benefits and opportunities. Co-workers are always helpful to help with your career.
Working at DTE Energy is a great experience. I have learned many things about powerlines qnd the process of dealing with customers in multiple situations of power quality. Working at DTE Energy has also allowed me to expand my network and work with some of my peers. It has been a great experience and I hope to be able to return for another great summer.
I work in the load control department, where we are tasked with upgrading interruptible for our customers air conditioning. The work itself isn't challenging it's usually the weather that makes the job difficult. My boss motivates us everyday with new ideas on how to get our job done safely and efficiently and it makes the weather less of a problem. I love my job and what I do.
I am currently working here and have really enjoyed it. The atmosphere is fantastic, all of my co-workers are kind and helpful and I feel like the company really cares about my well-being and health.
DTE Energy is a major power providing company that takes the safety of their employees very seriously, it has an inspirational atmosphere that makes you want to work to the best capacity and also provides a lot of growth opportunities. The company is very forward thinking in terms of cleaner energy and renewable and they manage waste efficiently.
Great company to work for. Company has been around for a very long time and can be considered a regulated monopoly; great for job security. Employees are treated with respect and management is very knowledgeable.
I have been employed with DTE Energy for over 18 years, and I have had wonderful experiences and the opportunity for advancement is the best.
DTE Energy is a very good place to be employed. There is a ton of opportunities available. There are some many departments to explore and find your niche. DTE's compensation stacks up well verses competitors.
DTE Energy has been a truly transformative place to work. Their commitment to employee safety and 200% accountability has lead to a workplace where like-minded people play as a team to achieve both individual and company goals. Leadership is very engaged in the wellbeing of the individual contributors, and the atmosphere is buzzing with activity and excitement to be at work.
The work there is challenging and as a student Co-Op, I am given the opportunity to have a lot of face to face with the executive leadership team. The atmosphere and culture make it an enjoable place to work as well.
I enjoy the overall environment of the workplace, the way the work force is treated, and the coworkers I am along side with.
The structure of the company was very organized. They train you on all the skills you need to know before they send you to complete meaningful tasks. Supervisors and coworkers change you to take action and use creative skills instead of doing something only one way. They encourage you to learn new skills while working with online classes. I can't wait to go back in the summer and work at another department so I can see which field interests me.
Reputable company with excellent wages, benefits, and stability. I'v working for DTE 15 years and I've received a pay increase every year. I enjoy arriving to work everyday. It has allowed me to gain knowledge and experience that has assisted me in building an exciting career.
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