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  • L Brands
    • 3 Limited Pkwy
    • Columbus, OH
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  • Express Inc.
    • 1 Express Drive
    • Columbus, OH
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  • Hexion
    • 180 East Broad Street
    • Columbus, OH
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  • Big Lots
    • 300 Phillipi Road
    • Columbus, OH
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Retail is a difficult environment to adjust too, at least it was for me. As a shoe lover I knew working in a shoe store could be fun. The fast-paced, customer-pleasing work space was an excellent experience to learn service skills. Working along side co-workers who have the same work ethic as myself made me love coming to work and I felt apart of the company as we worked as a team. Management was easy to talk too and very understanding as I told them what was going on. Overall, I learned more about shoes than ever, and saw how DSW stood out from over shoe stores in ways like their VIP program, their delivery service, and their love for shoes! If you like being engaged with customers and shoes, then this is an awesome place for you!
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I was able to move my way up from an associate to a manager in a short amount of time and love the workplace. The job is rewarding and inspiring. There is a ton of variety when it comes to job responsibilities and every day has new things to do and be responsible for. It can be stressful at times, but at the end of the day, being here for every customer is all that matters!
The managers at DSW are very flexible with scheduling and work with you to help maintain a balance between work and personal life. The work environment at my location is friendly and light with everyone remaining civil towards one another and helpful towards new employees. Areas that the company may want to consider improving on would be how they manage raises as some employees are there for a couple of years but will only see a slight increase in pay. Overall, DSW is a place where there is a sense of being one big family with your coworkers and a friendly, flexible environment that is perfect for employees just starting out in the workforce.