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About DoubleTree by Hilton...
7930 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22102

About DoubleTree by Hilton

Hospitality & Tourism
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Everyone is really friendly and welcoming, which is nice when you’re new and nervous because you don’t know anything. The training is a little confusing because sometimes you will get conflicting answers on how to do some things. Aside from that, everyone there has been really great and I enjoy working there!
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This job came at just the right time. It has taught me that in the service field that there are company's that care not only about their bottom line but their employees as well.
My bosses care for their guests but also know that their employees have lives and families as well. They truly believe family comes first.
I have great benefits with the company. There is room for advancement and it is encouraged. When I told my boss I was going back to school he was very encouraging and said anything I need let him know.
Only thing I would change would be having to get up at 4am. It comes too early.
I love working for this hotel. It’s a fun and loving environment. You grow close to all your coworkers, including the bosses. It’s a laidback environment and an easy job as long as you actually do the tasks at hand.