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It gives me a chance to work when I can. The flexibility is unmatched! And the pay is amazing! I can decide how much I will make in a day and focus on that number!
I have a 3 year old daughter and a complicated schedule. This is a great way to make some extra cash.
It's a great way to make some money and you can choose your own hours which is great, I wish there was more detailed information before accepting offers and their app sometimes glitches. Its a fun and relaxing job and you can make some good money while ur at it. Overall I would recommend doordash to others who want a second job or just want to make some money on the side.
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I personally love the fact that I can start and stop whenever I need to. I have preexisting medical conditions that prohibit me from working for extremely long hours of the day, so the fact I can work on my own schedule really helps me give myself time to take care of my health, while providing services! DoorDash sent me a new mask, hot bag, and my prepaid card within the first couple weeks of starting and it was a great way of showing that I work for this company!
I enjoy working at Door Dash because you get to make your own hours so you also get to determine what your paycheck will be!
I really like DoorDash! Its a really fun way to earn money while going to college, I dont really want to change anything but more orders!
I love working for DoorDash signing up is quick and easy I enjoy dashing because I am my own boss and I make my schedule I recommend anyone to give DoorDash a try
DoorDash makes it really easy to get started, and they pay pretty well. I gave 4 stars because the job requires spending a lot of time in your car, which gets old.
Very college friendly schedule, work at your own pace at your own hours, make a minimum amount per delivery (guaranteed)
Its a great way to make money and work any time you want. I enjoy working late late into the night after my real job and after school. I can pick and choose how much I get paid. It's great overall!
The app is highly unpredictable and glitchy. However, I am much more satisfied with this job than expected! The pay is great (depending on the shift), the rules are simple, and it is reasonably safe during COVID.
Its a very flexible job and offers great value especially to students during school breaks. You set your own schedule and don't have to worry about a boss breathing down your neck. You won't get rich doing it, but it'll pay the bills if you're ever in a transitional period of your life.
Great company to work for, convenient work schedule. Possible to have multiple jobs. Nothing better then riding in your own car while listening to your music and making money.
DoorDash gives you the opportunity to earn money on your time and at your own pace. The pay is great and the company offers bonus pay "peak" times to help you earn more for each delivery. They also offer discounts to area merchants and health services discounts.
I enjoy that I am able to work whenever i want and make as much money as i want. this is very flexible with my school schedule.
It is a great supplement of income when you really need it. At times it can get really slow or there can be a huge influx of orders, it is rather unpredictable, but it is also very flexible. Doordash is usually good with dispersing orders to all the dashers in the area based on the proximity to the restaurants you are near (which I choose to base myself in a certain area of restaurants). I would say though, it is in your best interest to keep it as a side gig due to its unpredictable nature. One day you can be making a lot, and another it feels like nothing is coming in. You just have to be flexible.
I enjoy being able to schedule work around my time, and in one simple to use app. It will take a toll on your car in the long run but it's worth it for a quick buck
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I like that I can work whenever I want, but the pay is low. I have to use gas and drive to all these different areas in a couple of hours, eight hours of driving takes most of my gas. The money I earn doesn’t always benefit me as much as the money I need to pay for other things. I think they’re should be a change in the base pay and work pay, there are times I’m working for hours and I would have no dashes to do. I think that if too many people are dashing at the same time than they should not allow others to join unless available.
DoorDash is one of the easiest jobs to do and easiest way to make money. All you have to do is pick up the food that has been order, and bring it to the designated house. You can earn up to $1000 if you really work hard at getting people orders and bring it to them.
I like how easy it is to apply and work in this business. One change I would want to see would be to increase the base pay to a little higher.
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