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Easy work, low pay. An easy way to meet people from all over the world. I have met some of the most amazing people there and it makes coming to work a joy!
I love working here! The management is incredible and there are so many opportunities to learn and grow with the company. Everyone is so willing to help you learn new things and undergo training. One of my favorite things about working here are how enthusiastic the people are. We are a close knit family.
been with the company 3 years. Great benefits and salary. Also offers education assistance. Plenty of opportunities to grow within the company. Lot of hands on training offered to employees looking to move up with the company.
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If you want an extra job, the mail-sorting job in the evening will be an alternative. The rules of the hourly job are kept to a good standard, and safety education is also held from time to time. Sometimes there is a lot of work or not, so the pay is irregular. Sometimes special meals are shared before the holidays. They offer a good benefits.
It was a great experience knowing how to work with different programs like SAP in order to come with the right numbers from my department.
Great environment too and good opportunities to growth in the company.
Great, friendly environment with plenty of chances for advancement. While Working here in addition to my own knowledge of products, programs, and software their training systems are incomparable. The Supportive resources assets are abundant. The supervisors and managers are easy to approach and are well trained. It's just a great place to work and belong to a team.
I am a forklift operator at a DHL Warehouse in Aurora, IL. It is a good job with good pay. My only complaint is that the hours are not flexible at all. When you are unable to work on a certain day, you are not given any options except calling off. When you call off you are penalized.
Very easy work with very competitive pay and benefits. Management is pretty easy going and gives a monthly update on upcoming work and special events at the facility.
DHL is a diverse, inclusive global organization. DHL encourages a work life balance. The organization engages their employees to learn and advance when opportunities are available.
DHL has been a great experience for me, offering great benefits as well as tuition reimbursement. Of course all companies have grey areas needing improvement, but overall this is a good company to begin a career with.
Dhl is a good company to work for based on pay, stability, and room to grow in the company. From a family stand point the hours are flexible with weekends and paid holidays off. Usually yearly raises and bonus based off your performance and can earn extra money for overtime hours.
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