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Denver Health Medical Center Reviews

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This is the best job I've ever had. It's an absolute honor and privilege to serve the population of Patients we have there. The management is fantastic and fair.
Overall my experience has been positive. I like that's it's downtown and centrally located.
My experience here at Denver Health has been overall satisfying. I have been able to learn a lot here at a level one trauma center, surrounding myself with wonderful and staff and knowledgable people. It has served me well as a nurse and its always evolving as a hospital.
Denver Health is a great advocate for our community. The individual clinics and locations (including mine) are given autonomy while being supported. Other hospitals I have worked at seemed to penny pinch whereas we are given a relatively free hand. It seems like we rarely hear from upper management at DH, just our own managers here. We often get emails from the hospital about support, rather than additional regulations. We are offered local light rail passes, although I would like if this were offered to all staff instead of just full time. We also have choices for gym services at a very affordable price.
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Denver Health offers healthcare no matter if the patient can pay or not. No one is denied treatment at Denver Health due to not being able to pay. When there is an emergency, the last thing you want to be worried about is "do I have enough to cover the co-pay?" Denver health offers its own medical insurance at a low cost rate and assists with the application of medicaid.
I love working at Denver Health! It is the best place that I have ever worked at. Having co workers that actually help you and that understand what you need and will go out of their way to help you is the best feeling!
I have had a pretty amazing experience at DHMC. I enjoy serving this community and have an amazing team of coworkers.
Predictable, organized scheduling and clear objectives for patient care make doing your job well easy here. And because things tend to run so smoothly, there is room for flexibility if one so needs. Thus, employees are able to strike a work-life balance that truly suits them. Patient care is integrated and progressive. Primary care physicians consult with social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and even vocational rehabilitation counselors to provide holistic health management. While pay and benefits are average for this field, I think we have exceptionally awesome patients leading to greater job satisfaction. Happy employees and happy patients encourage happy coworkers and so it goes. This is a workplace to be proud of.
Working at Denver health has been awarding. I am a Certified Nurse Assistant and I love helping my patients. Even since I begun working for Denver health, I truly see the compassionate love that the employees give toward their patient. The doctor and nurses on my unit Acute eating disorder, go beyond all measures to show our patients care. Though I know that sometimes it gets busy at the hospital, whereas patients wait for a while to get the medical help.
The mission drives the people who work here, everyone want to serve the patients. The workload is heavy.
It is an excellent place to work and knowing you are helping others is an amazing feeling. They are constantly improving the facility and always trying to provide the best possible service.
My experience with Denver Health is overall a great experience. I have been there for 5 years now and plan on doing another 5 possibly. The work environment is busy and dynamic. The benefits are excellent. I could not get cheaper or more thorough health insurance or coverage anywhere. I feel well taken care of as an employee and I get to take time off pretty much whenever I need to. There is plenty of fun overtime to be had at Rockies and Broncos games, as well as various concerts and other events. Overall I enjoy working here and would recommend it to anybody.
This is a great company to work for lots of opportunities and growth is offered. Supervisors and directors are very helpful and push you to grow and do your best and work with you.
I love working at Denver Health because I always feel supported and encouraged to reach my full potential. There are always opportunities for those who look for them and are willing to take the extra steps.
I have been an employee of DHMC for 14 years now, DH has come a long way not only in their appearance but in their way of treating/compensating employees. I love working here, this has been my first and only job since I was 19.
I love my job I love helping others and most of all I love going home and feeling like I did something for someone
Denver health is a fantastic place to work for. The pay is good and the people are great to work with. There is never a dull moment here. There is very diverse patient population as well as work force. The culture here is diverse as well, as employee's we are encouraged to take time off for vacations and other things.
Everyone is a team player. Doctors, Nurses, and Techs explains everything till you understand. They always answer questions in a timely manner and always follow up!
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I've been working here over a year now. I really like it! I've learned so much and the pay isn't bad either. I also know that once I graduate nursing school, I'll be able to obtain a job here. This hospital is also a Level 1 Trauma center, so we get some of the worse cases, consisting of really bad car accidents, gunshot wounds and other things. The majority of the staff works really hard and goes above and beyond. We also work with a really hard population, and we never turn anyone down. Social workers work hard to make sure a patient discharges safely, doctors make sure a patients needs are met before discharge and, nurses and CNA's work together to provide the best care they can, ensuring pt's get cleaned, fed and are safe.
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