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It was amazing experience that was full of information and technology. It gave me challenging task that helped me grow. The technology I worked on was second to none.
Great culture. A place where everyone works together. It's a team oriented environment where everyone learns from each other. Tons of smart people. Good pay and benefits. There is always a resource to go to if you need something.
Everyone is really nice and there to do their job. It would be nice to have standing desks and be able to make decisions without 10 other approvals.
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I love Dell, I was intern and they pursued me for a full-time position. Dell offers a great work/life balance. Working from home is an option for most roles, and I get a ton of PTO and other neat incentives. I honestly don't think any other company can compare or even compete with Dell. I love my job, my peers/leadership, and it makes me feel like family!
My experience has been fabulous. Dell has an open culture with a strong work-life balance. They offer the ability to work remote, there are great benefits, and it is exciting to be in an ever changing tech industry.
Great place to work. The culture is friendly, leadership is supportive and the people are smart and work very hard. The hours are very long though.
The chance to work with this company has enabled me to grow as a person and as a professional. I began doing simple tasks and following very specific orders. I then was able to gain more trust and take on bigger challenges with the help from my team. It was a very good opportunity to network with others that share in my passion for making the world a more functional and colorful place.
Dell is very flexible and compensates the employees for their work and expertize in the industry. Work-Life balance is also very important
Great company. The culture is all about community and customer experience, there are plenty of opportunities to develop your skills and build a career, and the pay is very good. Michael Dell is committed to many causes and ensures that his company is too.
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