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930 S. Kimball Ave.
Southlake, TX 76092
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I enjoy the pay as well as the location. The locations is probably the best part of my job! Management is respectful, however I was previously a bar tender and they will not move me up form a hostess. I honestly took the best and first opportunity that prevailed after moving my life out to California. I enjoy my coworkers. It is easy to pick up extra shift, as well as swapping them, and releasing shift every week.
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Absolutely love working here. The staff is extremely helpful and they make the new employees feel very welcome. The fast paced environment is exciting and allows you to pick up the skill of multitasking. Although being a hostess has the pressure of dealing with upset guests, management is very good at helping with any problems that arise.
The overall atmosphere was great! My team members became like family and I enjoyed going to work each day. I would only change a few things and those are management's willingness to listen to their employees even if it's about something they don't want to hear and also they really need to stop forcing the hostesses to wear heels for 6 hour shifts - that's old school and ridiculous for a full time employee to have to endure.