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1277 Deming Way
Madison, WI 53717

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Dean Health Plan Reviews

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Excellent opportunity to educate yourself about the health insurance industry and Medicare in the United States. Decent living wage, regular daytime hours, no weekends. Decent health care coverage for employees. Management is willing to work with employees that are college students, which was huge for me. Unfortunately, you will be harassed by scheming degenerates that get a tiny taste of the lowest end of middle management, that think they own you. Like WalMart, fairly easy to move up into different positions, IF you haven't haven't punched some smart mouthed, gossiping rodent in the face...
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I did not ever think that I would enjoy being a customer service rep. I am a full time student and work at Dean Health Plan full time. Here's what's great:

-Set schedule, with opportunities to change this twice yearly
-Decent wages if you're smart with your money
-EASY job-I cannot stress enough how easy this job is if you actually come to work to do a job, not socialize or look at your phone all day

There are a lot of people who are not friendly, or two-faced. This is true of any corporation. There are no opportunities for overtime, HOWEVER, there is also no work to take home with you, and no one calling you on a day off to come in. There are also regular, and plentiful opportunities for education and job advancement. Again, if you are actually there to do your job, you will be rewarded. Decent health insurance, average PTO and company perks, good student reimbursement. I will most likely be looking for a job within SSM Health/Dean Health Plan after I graduate in December.