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This is a great company. The one thing I would change is that the opportunity to grow should be available. Treat your employees like family not work horses. The work life balance isn’t very good at Davita.
I've been working for DaVita Dialysis, Inc. for 3 years now. I love everything they have to offer. I love the continued personal care they give to patients. They offer their empoyees great benefits.
I have been working for DaVita for 6.5 years. I love my clinic the people I work with. We are a family. Davita constantly strives for change to make things easier and safer.
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I love this job. It gives me a sense of fulfillment everyday. It has allowed many new opportunities and chances to grow.
very good company to work for and great opportunity for growth. i started this company last year 2018 and i have nothing but good things to say about it . i am prn so i am able to pick my hour and i love that i can do that .
I transferred to this company from another facility. From the time that I started working with DaVita, I have felt nothing but respect, pride, and fulfillment working for a company who not only cares about their employees but their patients as well. This company thrives on making sure each of their teammates has everything they need to succeed. DaVita wants their teammates to succeed as much as their company succeeds. They value education and the leadership teams pushes you to always be the best teammate you possibly can, not only for yourself but that patient as well. I have worked for this company for only three years and within those three years, they have exceeded my expectations for a company in the medical field.
The pay is not great but they are working to improve that. If you work hard it is possible to get a promotion, but the promotion can come without a pay raise. Management can be good and understanding. One manager was amazing, but the others I had have been overworked and underpaid and there is a trickle down effect to the employee pool. Overall, the employees I have worked with are amazing, and it is a good team.
Better management needed, overall decent place to work I don't have anything else to say about it. That is all I have to say about this.
Davita has great programs and trainings for employees to stay up to-date on medical information. The company is well structured with great benefits.
Davita offers a professional yet fun work setting. There is a real emphasis on social cohesion and employee morale. For the most part, benefits are good, pay rates are fair, and hierarchies, while existing, are not felt socially. Dress code is professional but not excessive with many opportunistic for casual dress.
Great place to get trained and obtain your license. Great benefits as well. Fun and safe environment
Supportive upper management. My hours are really good and pay is reasonable. Co-workers can be bullies if you don’t work fast enough.
It’s a job that gives you a lot of fulfillment. You give life every day to people who needs it. Very fast pace, wish I could spend more time with patient and provide a better care. Friendly staff and a lot of food during meetings or special ovations. Great facility administrator.
Davita is a great company to work for. A lot of growth opportunities are offered. If you find a great location the teamwork is great. Davita is well known for providing support to teammates that are pursuing higher education goals.
Davita provides training to all teammates... there is a good working culture, team work is emphasized... unfortunately the starting payment is very low compared to the nature of the job.
daVita is a wonderful place to work. I’ve been working with DaVita for over 10 years and have experience great customer service within the employee group, support when giving birth to my child, great wage compensation, and a great team. I would refer anyone to work at DaVita because they’re supportive you learn and add on to your nursing skills and their benefits and wages are great!
Poor compensation for work done. Expect to work long hours and be expected to be available at irregular hours. There is no support for those with young children and parents are expected to have childcare at 3 am - which is difficult to find. High expectations of staff with very little support. Very little consistency with employees with high turnover. Facilities are understaffed and unable to provide consistent and appropriate care to the patients.
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Great people to work with. Pay and merit increases is based on performance. Upper management is always accessible, however, executive promotions from within are difficult. Work life alignment is nonexistent for Facility Administrators, the more they do the more that is expected.
Management could be better, the way they handle situations is not the best. Pay is manageable. They say they'll pay for your schooling but they actually don't.
I love the corporate culture of the business office, but the work can be stale. Overall it is an excellent place to work and I would highly recommend anyone considering joining the Village to give it a try.
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