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About Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center...
10655 Steepletop Drive
Houston, TX 77065
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Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Reviews

3 reviews
I have worked here for about 6 years and my experience has been great. The staff is friendly and down to earth. Not to mention some doctors. I would recommend this facility. I travel 45mins to work here 3 times a week because the atmosphere is family oriented. Despite the changes in management and the distance I enjoy working here. Things that could be improved here is more employee engagement programs, better staffing, better compliance of physicians to computerized order entry system. Cyfair was recently purchased by HCA and changes are coming. I am excited to see the finished product. Despite the caos now but I am hopeful.
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I am so excited to work at Cypress Fairbanks medical center.I have gain a lot of nursing experience since i started working at the hospital.It is a great place to work.
I really love the fact that I have a had a chance to learn new things. I really enjoy what I do and how I can make a difference.