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Horrible. Management is the worst. The pay isnt worth the amount lf times im yelled at in a day. The turn around for employees is so quick. Management gets away with murder
I used to be a pharmacy technician for CVS Pharmacy and this was by far the worst occupational experience I’ve ever had. The corporation is disorganized and the consequences trickle down the chain of command to the hourly employees that suffer the most. The compensation is barely enough to survive and disproportionate to the responsibilities asked of you. I definitely learned how to be more assertive which is certainly a benefit but the stress accrued in response to the pressure but on its employees makes any time there a waste of an experience. The company fails to provide the appropriate technology and allotment of work hours to stores to properly handle the volume of patients and providers catered to by individual stores. Every person I have met that used to work for CVS almost always proclaims that they disliked their experiences there as well.
Working at CVS Pharmacy has been a great experience so far. The managers and employees are efficient, friendly, caring and compassionate. they care about their customers and patients. At my location, the managers are interested in your personal growth and always try to help improve.
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The people I work with are great! The problem is the people in higher up positions. They don't understand what its like working at a retail level, therefore keep on making changes that make working even more difficult than it has been in previous years.
My time at CVS has been good.

The other staff are friendly enough.

The hours are ok to good. The pay is not great but more than most places will give you as a cashier. Requested time off is easy to get if you follow guide lines.

However they don't hold anyone but the lowest level cashiers accountable for coupons managers force you to take. You get scolded and have to sign a worksheet like a child for things their system forces you to do.

The online HR is ok, but its not very accessible. And calling the HR helpline is not worth the trouble.
Overall my experience with CVS has been good and I have truly grown with this company. Everyone that I have worked with on a retail level has treated me very well and definitely had my best interest in mind. Corporate management is the biggest issue I have with this company. I feel that they ask way too much from each employee and its makes the work day long and hard. Hours are always being cut, leaving stores short staffed. Health insurance is not offered toa ll.
I started at CVS in 2015 and I have enjoyed my time with the company. The managers are very understanding and willing to work you on the schedules and your co-workers are very friendly and always there when you need them. It is a wonderful place to serve the community.
I generally like working at Cvs. The pharmacist and treat could really make or break your experiences. I would like to see more learning opportunities for students to give them the opportunity to do more than technician duties.
Working with CVS has opened many doors for me and has solidified my aspirations to become a pharmacist.
You work harder than you're compensated for. It is always, always, busy and staffing is always an issue because employees apply and leave the job so quickly. The position is decent for upperclass high school students with an interest or curiosity for pharmacy.
I have sacrificed my time with family and put my education on hold for the company. I love engaging with customers on a daily basis. CVS does not care about employees well being, health, or their loyalty to the company.
CVS is an amazing place. They gave the chance to apply and got accepted. CVS is my very first job. I'm grateful for that opportunity and the people there help me to understand how retail works. To handle the merchandise and how to talk to the customers. Due to my hard work, I got assigned many different tasks, which help me learn some new skills. The benefits are also great, that can make my life a bit easier. However, there are some things needed in CVS to make a better place. In my location, we don't have enough people on the store. This causes long lines, theft and poor customer service. To improve this we need more employees, more registers or a new system. Once these changes are made CVS will become a better company.
Everyone at CVS Pharmacy is very respectable and helpful. I only gave it a four star review because of the lack of cleanliness and organization. The front cany shelves were quite messy, and a few pieces of trash were on the floor. Just a little extra time and teamwork and they would have it down pat!
I would like to be able to spend more time with patients without having a large time pressure on me.
I was a pharmacy technician. I had worked there for going on 3 years, and I loved being around my coworkers, and knowing/being known by many of the customers. They all would wonder if I ever had a bad day, and it -to me- was hard to once I stepped in the building and me those smiling faces.
The electronic records system was easy to work with for managing prescriptions, placing orders, sending requests, and getting savings coupons. With some time and patience, anyone can learn to use it efficiently.
Getting time off wasn't a hassle. My manager, Patrick Vittozi, was very accommodating with each of us. As long as there wasn't a conflict of scheduling, you could take off whenever. Every year I took a vacation at least once, for an entire week, and came back and was able to easily transition back into work mode.
I loved working with CVS, and it is a great place to start for anyone wanting to get into the medical field if they haven't done Medical/Nurse Assisting first.
I like the flexibility and the available overtime. However, help desk and HR are not very helpful or direct. There are always new and changes to the system that are good and bad. Also, training is continuously and help to provide and refresh employees knowledge and skills.
Working at CVS has been a pleasure! The hours are flexible and the staff cares about each other! The managers are happy to help work around your scheduling needs and the atmosphere is friendly.
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I love working at CVS Pharmacy! I believe everyone deserves great customer service while coming to the pharmacy for their medications .
The hours are really flexible for college students. The managers are very understanding and explain everything thoroughly. The store manager is very friendly, understanding, and treats his employees very nice. I have been working at CVS for a little over a year. I have learned so much about customer service and how to make the customers experience at the store excellent. Dealing with customers at CVS you have to be extra polite. The reason being, most of the customers are elderly, or sick, and they usually head to the Pharmacy first then they come check out any extra items they need. These customers almost come daily or a few times a week. You end up forming a relationship with these customers and become a part of their life. I always make sure to smile and ask questions or ask how their day is going. For all I know, I am what makes or breaks their day. One act of niceness at work can go a long way for the customer.
I do like my pharmacy manager and my coworkers, but I do hate the management that controls CVS. They delay and take a long time to fix problems which you might have with HR
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