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5 Old Lancaster Road
Malvern, PA 19355
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Dense Suburban
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At CubeSmart they are the most fair (hiring process) company I have ever encountered. I was honored that they actually chose me for a position based on my background work. I have worked with many different companies but this was the most loving family, felt community that I had encountered (with trust) in a long time. Anything that my be difficult they are excited to assist with, but honestly its not difficult when one learns what needs to be learned. Some managers do exaggerate, as well as, never own up to their own mistakes. But, with that being said, that is why I would recommend to anyone working somewhere new take notes on whats suppose to be right and wrong, and then take notes when working with different individuals.
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I have been here 3 years so far and I would recommend this job to anyone! I am currently a General Manager in Frisco, TX. I was promoted within 6 months of hire and I have learned so much.
Since working with Cubesmart, I have learned how to best cater to customers and relieve them of any concerns when it comes to renting a storage cube with us. Learning about leases and contracts has also helped me gain insight of new protocols for a new industry.