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1250 Techny Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
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Overall an alright place to work, the company itself is great and I have worked with them for a couple years now. I love the job and it comes with great benefits, although I do wish they paid more. The location I was at before made me feel very unappreciated but now that I have transferred I have never been happier! This is a good company to work for and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an upbeat workplace. Comes with a good discount and benefits if you are full time and if you stay with the company for a long amount of time they give you gifts.
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I currently work stock/merchandising for Crate&Barrel and what I love most about working here is the starting salary. Crate pays well above the state mandated minimum wage. Had I not been hired, I would not have been able to pay for the college I'm currently attending. On a more job related note, I really enjoy that the work is very simple and doesn't change much day to day. There is a clear outline of tasks and they're expected to be handled, but there isn't constant oversight by management so you never feel like you're constantly being watched. It's also evident that Crate, as a company, really cares about their employees from the plethora of snacks and meals the company provides for employees just as a way of saying thank-you for making the business possible.
Management is key to a successful company. If the management is poor, the employees are less likely to perform at their highest capacity. Hours are long at CB2, and the shifts are generally not as enjoyable due to a lack of strength from the BOH team. Most of the time, everyone is struggling and management doesn't seem to put effort into making sure their employees are having a good day or if they are in the right mental state to handle a laboring job such as this one.