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A lot of employees got away with either not doing any work or treating other people like crap. Managers played favorites. I liked working in retail store more than restaurant
This is a good job to work at if you're looking to make some cash. At my location, the managers are enjoyable and it's a very friendly atmosphere among coworkers. However, Cracker Barrel is not the company to give away many hours to teenage workers. I average less than ten hours of work per week, which is a major put off.
I worked in retail because I enjoyed shopping there. I was sad to find that they do not truly care for their employees, and it was extremely stressful working there.
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I loved the people that I worked for as well as the customers that came in. This job provided me with a wonderful foundation to continue with my academic goals. They always worked around my school schedule and allowed me extra time if I needed it.
I'm 17 and work as a host and as a retail associate. I've been there since June 2019. I genuinely like my job here, it fits really well for me at this point in life. I get to interact with all sorts of people making small conversation on the way to tables or at the register. Talking to regular customers and picking up where we left off always makes my day. My managers and co-workers make each shift exciting and enjoyable, and it sounds a bit cliche, but they feel like family. Everyone is kind and understanding when you're still learning the ropes and coworkers have offered to drive me home when I'm cut early and waiting for a ride. I've really enjoyed this job.
The older customers can tend to be very rude but most are very nice. It can be a very fun job, especially if you like your coworkers. I like that you are not behind a desk. You are constantly on your feet and moving. They have been very good to their employees during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Management team was great and worked well as a team. Front and back of house employees had a great relationship with each other. It felt like family.
I have never worked at a restaurant that has excepted me and has believed in myself as well as my dreams. This is an amazing supportive company to work for!
Cracker Barrel is one of the best companies I have worked for. The family friendly atmosphere is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have worked with this company for almost 5 years and not once have I ever felt like I wasn't right at home. They have nurtured me through some of the best and worst moments of my life. They also offer a 401k, retirement plans, and benefits for their full time employees. By far one of the best restaurant chains I have ever worked at.
The management staff was very bad. Right before the virus, management was fired and replaced. Much better now. I will wait and see after the restrictions are lifted. I know that the company appears to be in trouble before the virus, not sure this will help that cause. It is a good part time job while i prepare for college.
Pay is not equal to all employees even in the same position. However, I haven’t seen another job that allows me to start at $10 an hour that isn’t working in a call center.
There are many issues that need to be fixed with management and how they approach situations, but the team is fun. Being able to see your regulars all the time really puts a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart. I could not ask for better people to be around.
Cracker Barrel is the same no matter where you go in the US! All 600+ locations provide the same styled food that reminds you of southern comfort and mamas cooking. It’s one of the best restaurants I have ever worked for and they have provided me with many great deeds and assistance.
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store served as a great first job that exposed me to food service and the public. The scheduling was very flexible, all thanks to my managers who were understanding. For me working and going to school, just knowing that I have the option of calling in when I'm not feeling well takes so much stress and anxiety off. Most of the concerns I had were explicit to my own store and had to do with management issues. I would suggest that the company use more efficient interview tactics, as many people who are hired tend to work for 2-3 weeks before quitting, a cycle that contributes to the overall instability of the work environment. However, Cracker Barrel as a whole is a good company that cares for its workers, which has been shown during the Coronavirus epidemic by giving workers 50% off discounts applicable to both the dining and retail sections.
There was a substantial amount of online training, yet very helpful. This is a great first job experience. There are strict and necessary rules in place to enforce discipline and how to communicate with the general population. There are many benefits including, but not limited to vacation time, direct deposit after a certain amount of time working there, employee discount, and employee meals. With the exception of multiple items, the menu is constantly changing to please guests and featuring seasonal items.
Great place to work, great food, friendly and warm staff! Benefits and training are awesome, family-oriented environment!
Overall, Cracker Barrel is a fun environment to work in. My store is new, and we've gone through various managers, so things have taken a while to settle. Most of the managers have been supportive and appreciative of hard work. My only complaint would be the hours, I wish they offered full time for servers. It certainly helps that we get a 50% discount off our meals when on the clock, and 35% both off the store and when we go with our family.
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I like my co-workers and management. I make good money and every one is treated with respect. I would recommend working here for extra cash.
Great store to work at with a caring attitude. The company itself offers a lot for the employees and off amazing programs for employees in need. It offers great employee discounts and genuinely cares about the employees working there.
Loved the people I work with and who I work under. There are always times when I gets hectic but when controlled it’s an excellent place to work.
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