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Council on Aging of Soutwestern Ohio Reviews

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COuncil on Aging is a great place to work. It can be hard to move up. Promoting is not necessarily based on skills, but on what you have on paper (degree). If you find a job you like there and are complacent you will do well there. Annual pay increases are based on meeting major work objectives. There are a few annual all staff meetings and an annual Christmas gathering. There are paid Holidays and earned Paid Time Off.
People are not accountable for their actions. Many of the reports are wrong and if issues are found, it's up to you to figure it out work many hours. Leadership finds scapegoats for their problems. Employee turnover is very high as well for both social worker/RN and business services.
I like Council on Aging because it allows you to work from home, they have PTO sharing and they take pride in helping the community. It's a nonprofit organization with competitive pay and overall caring individuals who want to ensure our elderly are taken care of.
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I love how friendly everyone is. I love the flexibility for your schedule. Human Resources is very helpful in all things.
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