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I enjoy working with Converges with my work at home position. I have a great supervisor and feel as if I'm given all the tools I need to succeed with this company. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I wish pay was a little bit more.
The overall work is extremely easy to the point it becomes extremely boring. The pay is decent, though we were told upon hiring that there are consistent yearly raises and room for advancement though this is untrue. You are only offered raises if you are a part of the management team. The only way to advance is to be friends with the right people. Most people I work with are very young, so the atmosphere is almost 'high school' like. I am in my thirties and am miserable at this job, though the pay and the fact that I have a family keeps me going back for now.
You can make bonuses if you meet you numbers ! And exceed in them .
. Not a lot of time to self half time stressful . Is expanding
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I like that if you try to excel at your position and continue to adapt, the job will remain stable. The environment is quite electric which provides a comfortable atmosphere. But at the same time it attracts inexperienced and uneducated employees that add to an immature professional dynamic.
They are really good about working with you when you need time off, but its not the most organized company to work for.
My experience about working at Convergys Corporation is not the greatest but it offers jobs for people who wants a job so quick. It offers good benefits and discounts for employees. I worked in a call canter, which you will experience a difficult work schedule because they give you the schedule based on your score card. The work culture is fair, it is just that management doesn’t do the job right, they have preferences on certain people, which even if you do your job right, you won’t get what you think you deserve. They have too much favoritism. But over all, it’s a good company to work for.
it is a nice easy job, pays decent and it is real easy, it gets repetitive real quick and may get boring to some
It was not the best pay. Starts at 12.50 and hour for a tech 1 and the raise is only .50 cents per tier. You can’t miss any days or you will be fired easily. I had an accident and broke my back and was let go. Just always be aware of tardiness and stay on managements good side, do your job and keep your head down n you might be able to keep your job.
Overall the company is what you make it, If you choose to be positive it will be okay, if not it will not be.
I would like to see the new NICE app at home. It only allows you to access it at work. Sometimes you aren't able to pick up extra hours or even give up hours because you aren't at work to access the app. Even if you go to work, you aren't able to log into the computer if you aren't scheduled to work. I think that after Convergys get that small perk fixed then it would operate with ease. Sometimes people have emergencies and cant afford to miss anymore days so they need a way to be able to maintain a job and maintain personal life.
I love working with the new AMC Theatres department so far! The trainers' and team leaders are helpful and are good with hands-on learning. The company helps you with how to muli-task and learn with verbal communication as well. The company always want to make sure that you are learning everyday and always offer more assistance and offers many positions in short term.
It has a great professional office atmosphere with good structure and wonderful people to work with. I like the people I work with from my co-workers to my supervisors and management. They care about their employees and will work with you so that working there is a positive experience and you can succeed in your job.
I worked at Convergys on their AT&T project in Utah. I really enjoyed the structure, and the way that the teams were set up. It was a chat project so instead of being on the phone 24/7 you got to chat with customers. This meant in most cases you were doing tech support for people who were already kind of tech savvy. I enjoyed that there was an on-site cafeteria with lots of options!
It was an awesome company to work for, I was sad to leave but unfortunately moved away for school.
The work hours are very flexible. However, in some cases, it is mandatory that you work on Saturdays. This consists of an eight hour shift from 10am- 6:30pm.
Really enjoy working here, great benefits, employee discounts at plenty of retail stores! The atmosphere is great, paid training and this company actually care about their employee, they pay for relocation and are located nation wide! provide employee support with legal , personal and medical support ! can't ask for a better employer!
The particular site at which I work falls right in the middle in terms of enjoyable places to work in my opinion. The facility is well built, the training is thorough and sufficient to aid you in being able to execute your job responsibilities. There are many opportunities for overtime if that's something that interests you and the compensation is one of the main highlights of working for this company as bonuses based on performance are regular. My only real complaint is that in the Charlotte, NC location one will deal with quite a bit of favoritism amongst the managers and Team Leads which manifests primarily in how you are treated if/when you need assistance with phone calls, and in putting in recommendations for one to move up in the company quickly.
I love the people here they are super nice. I wish the schedules were better but you can't have it all. The base pay is low but bonuses are amazing.
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Overall a decent place to work. The pay is decent but not the highest paying job in the area. The benefits are offered and available to choose from. Management is great but they are making a ton of decisions that are causing the already high turnaround rate to increase.
Work environment could be updated to make it feel less oppressive. Programming software needs to be updated to help avoid additional eye strain.
The first several years that I worked there were pretty good. I got free Directv too. But now the place has gone way downhill, to the point that I am finding other employment.
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