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It has been good overall. It will help you with the skills to get you a better job or any other opportunity.
Good for work learning experience, great for college students, and you work when you want to work. You mainly work weekends. But it's you travel alot to different venues and work concerts, sport events. It's easy to move up in the company wants you learn job and write a letter to become a supervisor. Job is great for learning customer service skill and very diverse. A lot of families work here. And it's great because there is not than one branch location. I worked from the San Bernardino Branch but headquarters is in Northridge. You have nothing to loss so give it a try.
I liked the flexible work schedule. I am able to create my own time frame which is nice. It is also friendly inside the office. Everyone has the common goal of wanting to make sure the employees are happy and also making sure that the customers are happy as well.
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Very flexible environment. Learned a lot and got up close and personal with a lot of professional athletes and entertainers. They work for you working for them.
For this job I really appreciate that you are able to self-schedule, this helps a lot when you were a student and need to work around classes. One thing that I would like to see change is having early shifts, when you are just waiting before an event, be able to bring a folding chair if working a long shift. I would also like to see them check in on all communication devices as well as other equipment and I’m sure that it is fully functional and works well.
This company hired anyone and has lost almost all of their Atlanta contracts. Losing contracts in the middle of the week leading up to an event.
I love working here. We have the chance to learn something new every day and we get to interact with guests/customers daily which is very nice. We get to self schedule and pick where we want to work and what we want to do. Suitable for college students.
I like that their is no set schedule. But at the same time their is no real opportunity for raises . 15/hr for supervisors but what about the employees that dont want to be supervisors but have been there for years.
CSC is a great job id you don't want ro follow a career parh. Biweekly pay friendly coworkers but some supervisors are on an authority trip and it really isnt that difficult to do security and crowd control. If tpu have a giard card wprk if available weekly but event staffers rarely have availability. Good job to work weekend concerts and events and tou may evem get to meet a super famous celebrity or 2 lol.
I been working for Contemporary Service Corporation for five years. I have great experience here because I get a chance to meet different people from different backgrounds. I have a chance to see some of the events that I will normal not go to see such as Texans games. The Texan games is one of my favorite events at NRG stadium because they are very outgoing and some of them are very friendly. Both teams are very friendly and they gets along even if they loses. Another events at the NRG stadium I really like is the Rodeo because it is a very fun events to work and go to. I get a chance to bring my children to the rodeo and I receive a discount off my ride ticket because I work for the company.
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