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4 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003
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I think an awesome work place depends on the people working there. I have an amazing team with people who understands what I am going through as a student and how it is to start out as an intern. I only docked a star because the hours are so early. The nice thing is, you can leave work a little earlier to spend more time with your family at night. I believe their learning center is tremendously helpful. I learned so much about the electrical systems in NY and how exactly my home gets the power it needs to turn on a lightbulb.
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This job was extremely intimidating when I first bypassed the interviews and the test they had us take prior to moving forward with a job offer. However, once I made it to training it was there I felt confident & comfortable enough to really do my best to learn how to do this job. Even after training, I was still assisted in many ways, and the environment always clean and had kept an open-door policy throughout my 3 years there.
Con Edison is a fantastic company to work for. You get out of it what you put in - there is a lot of opportunity for growth but if you like the position you're in, no one is going to bust your chops about it. There is a strong company division between union workers and management staff and tensions can flare up occasionally and lead to drama but, for the most part, there is professionalism in the workplace. Safety and proper personal protective equipment is something that is stressed a lot. Overall you will learn a great deal no matter what position you're in in the company.