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4 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003
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Con Edison is a fantastic company to work for. You get out of it what you put in - there is a lot of opportunity for growth but if you like the position you're in, no one is going to bust your chops about it. There is a strong company division between union workers and management staff and tensions can flare up occasionally and lead to drama but, for the most part, there is professionalism in the workplace. Safety and proper personal protective equipment is something that is stressed a lot. Overall you will learn a great deal no matter what position you're in in the company.
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This Con Edison is surrounded by tons of restaurants, brand stores, and people. Security in the building is very important---the customers' personal information is kept very safe. All individuals here work in a very respectable and honest manner. This allows all to express what they truly feel about a matter and bond.
The positive is if you need to switch shifts with a coworker to do something without using vacation time, you are able to do so without involving a supervisor. The con is mobility within the company is based upon seniority and not your background or work experience. The company is union so that could be a pro or con, depending on how you feel about unions.