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3560 Dallas Parkway
Frisco, TX 75034

About Conifer Health Solutions

Health Care
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Conifer is a great place to work! They work with you regarding schedules, appointments, time off etc. What i like best is that the understand that we are all human and all have things that occur in our personal lives that can result in needing an hour or two away from work to arrange sick kids, dr appointments, etc. i love my managers and all the people i work with.
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After working at Conifer Health for 2 years, I've experienced a lot of changes. The company is a great workplace to get the started and find out about the in's and out's of how hospitals operate. I've always liked how flexible they are with work hours. The only thing I would have them work on at Conifer is team building meetings. It's very much needed in order to have a good work environment.
They have good benefits and I work with a great team from home. As a leader, I would like to see more communication on things before they happen instead of seeing things come down as they happen. Some process changes we aren't even aware of until after the fact.