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About Community Hospital of Anderson & Madison County...
1515 N Madison Ave
Anderson, IN 46011
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Community Hospital of Anderson & Madison County Reviews

3 reviews
The care, compassion and expertise of medical staff is phenomenal. Everyone at this facility is kind and helpful, and everyone always has a smile on their face. The only thing I would change is parking. With the way the hospital is growing and expanding in the community, it seems a larger parking lot would need to be in the planning.
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Everyone is patient orientated and patients always come first. Everyone treats you like family and not a number! Everyone helps everyone. Everyone is so friendly. If you have a question everyone will try to help you find the answer if they don't know.
I am employed in the transport department. I have a great boss who cares about his team. He takes time to check in with us and see how we are doing with our jobs. I also have great coworkers who give their all in their daily duties.