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7150 Clearvista Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46256
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I like working in Community Hospital North from working with the employees to some management. It's just that the supervisor in my area need to be more courteous of others and appreciate their employees who have worked there for a long-term. And use discipline more often on those or just got hired in versus slacking off giving them a hand slap on the wrist. We have rules in the department and it's like sometimes management doesn't enforce them like they should so it makes the long-term employees give us the hard slacks but when it comes to the new employees they give them easy more than one chances. From not showing up to work, two call ins, and to being late for work that's just showing unfair or favoritism in the workplace. But I can't say it's the whole Hospital but in the department I work in that's what goes down.
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Amazing place to work with very friendly staff! I have worked here for 19 years. Best decision I ever made. The management is wonderful. Taking time off is encouraged. The average worker has been working here for over 9 years. Very convenient location. The patients are very kind. Our ER is fully staffed and efficient. New nurses or senior nurses are welcome here.
I love the unit and people that i work with. I currently work on labor and delivery. I have been with Community for about three years and the ability to move around is what I like most. I have learned so much when it comes to neurology , victims of assault, and heart related illnesses. I plan to go to nursing school within the next few months and learned that community encourages employees to go back to school. They offer tuition reimbursement and job security once you graduate. This company is definitely one for someone who wants to expand knowledge and move up.