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One of the best places to work. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help, I am so glad that I am apart of their team!
I have worked for Community for 2 years and have enjoyed every minute. I have a very supportive management team along with awesome co-workers. They have been extremely flexible with my schedule in regards to my school schedule. This has allowed me to focus on my degree. They company as a whole focuses on appreciation of there employees and that makes me feel valued everytime I go into work.
My overall experience has been very positive, staff is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help. Management is always available and plays a very strong role in the day to day production which makes employees feel more transparent. There have been many recent renovations and expansions which shine a light in the east hospital which was much needed. We are growing as a network, department and the care we provide. The only improvement that would be much appreciated would be new amenities, machines and supplies. Outside of this wish list I am thankful each and every day that I am part of this team therefore, I am looking to advance my career within the hospital/department and call community hospital my forever home.
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"Patients first" is the motto here at Community Hospital and it seems as though the majority of the employees are happy to fulfill this motto. Which allows for an environment in which all of the employees can work together to increase patient satisfaction. This also decreases the amount of conflict between employees due to patient focused care. Personally, I am a student working full time and although it isn't easy balancing work and school, my manager works with my hours and being in a hospital setting allows me to interact with patients which gives me experience as a future nurse.
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