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1701 John F Kennedy Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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I have been at Xfinity for a little over 11 years and it has been since 2007. I have been here since high school graduation and have achieved great success at building my skill set for my career in business management. What many people may not know is that working at a call center gets you prepared for the fundamentals of many other careers. I learn about socializing, professionalism in a work place environment, team collaborations, and most importantly work/life balance. I have grown to over all understand that I make my success with consistency and aggressive follow through. Comcast Xfinity has rebranded itself over the years and I have been in the position to do that with myself. The company has provided a path for me to grow into the person I am today. I am ambitious, personable, punctual and a high achiever. Thank you Comcast for leading the way for my growth.
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Great company for fstudents who are recent the grads. The culture is open . However, growth opportunities are very limited due to nepotism. The commission scale is fair and OT is encouraged. The leadership team over all are former account executives so compassion for what you do is appreciated . The downside is that the ever changing team assignments are not good . The business is face paced customers are very entitled . The company does well with community outreach and impact as well as providing courtesy services to employees. Net promoter has changed the culture to include the voice of employees instead of just customers opinions .
I really enjoy working for this company. You can feel the appreciation extended from all ladders of success. Work life balance is taken into consideration as well as personal time off. My company offers tuition reimbursement, vacations, achievement awards and numerous other perks. I plan to make a career out if my current job.