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Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp Reviews

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Nice company to work, employee friendly. Good salaries
Good work culture. Management need to be more transparent
Inconsistent enforcement of rules and favoritism. Not dependable. Stressful. Upper management does not care about their employees as much as they say they do.
Company is based out of India as are most of it's associates. Their work culture is far different from the United States. The healthcare company I worked for was acquired by Cognizant and their lack of healthcare technology was apparent after the first wave of layoffs left them understaffed. Since then, over 500 jobs were sent from PA to India resulting in the need for federal government assistance programs like the Trade Adjustment Assistance act of 1975; which kicks in when a company sends a disparate amount of work overseas. The acquisition process was terrible, the benefits a fraction of what other large healthcare corporations offer and having to deal with co-workers in opposite time zones was generally frustrating.
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They have good benefits and the pay is decent. They are numbers driven so if you do not have discipline this is not the job for you.
Opportunities if one is willing to move about the country. Internal training courses and collaboration across the organization to allow for the use of best practices.
I was a contractor for 2.5 years before they hired me. Hiring pay was $1 more than contractor rate. Come to find out Cognizant is known in the industry for having low wages. The ability to work from home would be the only pro here.
The atmosphere was great and technologically advancing. Great co-workers, supervisors and teams. I liked the diversity of food vendors that comes in every Tuesdays. On-site GYM and personal trainer.
Great place to work all of the managers are great mentors. I enjoyed learning new things and helping to grow the business. Large company so lots of growth opportunities. I enjoy the opportunity of teaching employees and helping them to grow. Cognizant allows you to be an independent thinker and encourages you to participate in the ideas of senior leadership.
Cognizant is a fantastic company to work for. It's a massive company that still manages to show that they care about their bottom employees. Just doing my job every day gets me a weekly bonus and a chance at employee of the month. I've also never been in apart of a company that gives such frequent and helpful feedback. I receive coaching every week with my supervisor so that I can see exactly how I'm doing and how much I've improved. The environment itself is very welcoming. I don't feel like I'm just apart of a company. It's far more like a family.
My first year is coming up, so far it's a good experience for a Call Center, Cognizant owns several projects the team I'm on supports Alaska Airlines.

We recently took over mobility so my responsibility's have doubled now.
My experience so far has been great, cannot wait to see where my future holds within Cognizant.
Work culture is great. Salary is reasonable but their benefits are good. There could have been more transparency in terms of promotion and performance appraisal.
Great company to work for and the willingness to train and improve you as an employee is awesome too.
Great place and great management. I see a future here and I see my self growing everyday here. I hope it works out but if does not I have learned so much so far.
I love this this place! I have been working here for close to half a year and I have been impressed time and time again with the work environment, the kindness of my coworkers, and the atmosphere all together. I would recommend anyone to come and work for Cognizant; although our work is very competitive and challenges there are changes that keep us on our feet and challenges us to work better and faster. If you are the type of person who wants to be able to grow in a company and show your talents and have management actually pay attention this work place is for you, granted this is the type of work you are interested in doing.
It is a good company to work for.
It is employee friendly and take cares about employees.
we get a lot of benefits like free insurance, etc.
This is a good place to work at. It's an easy-going environment and it is very professional. They hire a lot of contractors so be careful when choosing who you'll work for but the company offers stability.
Great IT Solutions Company. I love my Co-workers. They are so cool and fun. I just started. Training is a total of 8 weeks. So far its been 6. In training we learned so much. It's definitely a learning curve. But they hire the brightest and best and stretch you to reach your maximum potential. No complaints here.
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Event though the company's roots go back to the mid-1990's, there is still an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the company. For many of us, there is a lot of flexibility to work remotely and independence in how we work. That said, you are expected to produce top quality work product, and the hours can be very demanding with calls with our overseas colleagues early in the morning and latte at night.
Good place to start working - training readily available, many resources, hours can be long, remote work is expected, weekend work common especially during end of year season
Cognizant is a very diverse innovative company. I started in a great project with a excellent team. People of all back grounds and ethnicities learning together and becoming better technicians. The tools provided are average, but the work is challenging and roles change a lot. I wish communicate was a little better but other than that it's a great place.
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