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My experience with working at Coach has been good and bad. I enjoy the the flexibility of creating my own schedule. I work other jobs (and most of the other part timers do as well) and Coach has been cooperative about working around my schedule. There is also benefits such as health, dental, and vision insurance, paid vacation, and 401K benefits if you work a certain amount of hours. There are also great perks of getting team share bonuses if you make team share.

What I do not appreciate is the lack of sharing information. When I was first hired, there was not a strong onboarding process, so I was left confused for awhile until I figured things out on my own. I also was not aware of the benefits that could be offered to me until months later, when I asked about them. When I had to take some time off for family issues, sick time was applied but it was never confirmed with me. Therefore, I think there are some issues with the lack of communication.
Wasn't a bad place to work at. Compensation is better than most places. Turnover rate was pretty high, associates come and go. This causes more work on current employees.
The environment is upscale. Great merchandising. The customer can be difficult to work with, but the company Ives you ample information on the product to make selling much easier.
Great rate of pay with a bonus structure.
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Loved the people who came into our stores. Management was not that great but I’m sure it’s changed by now.
I liked the coworkers and discounts we received. Everything was great the store was extremely clean and everybody came to work happy. I really enjoyed working here I would do it again
I worked in an outlet store for three years, very busy and I loved my management team as well as the sales team I worked with.
I love the environment. Coach creates an amazing environment with their workers; they are all super warm and welcoming.
Very welcoming environment. Flexible schedule. Consistent hours. Attentative staff. Supplies food and snacks almost daily. The hiring process is fairly quick and easy, i was hired and started working within the same week!
It has been a very positive and laid back, but efficient and professional, workplace. Being a student it is important to find a place to earn a decent wage and have a flexible schedule.
I have great coworkers, but the hours are rough and there is constant standing and walking. Also, the dress code is very strict. Plus it is noncommision based, although the company awards associates based on store performance and sales.
If you are looking for a workplace that inspires you to reach for the stars....COACH is the company for you! I started as seasonal then eventually offered a permanent position. 4 months ago I was promoted to Assistant Manager. You get what you put out.
I'd like to see management engage more with the employee. As a student who works here, your shifts are long and your entire day is spent at work. Having more appreciation towards your employees. Must be very patient working with international guests. Dress code is beyond ridiculous.
A great irst job working in retail, able to assist customers who are travelers from all over the world. What I would like to see change is more updates into displays and lighting.
Great company! Scheduling is not flexible but managers are awesome and company works to give back to employees.
I just started working at Coach at one of my local malls, and I have to say that this workplace provides great work experience for college students interested in Fashion. I am a Fashion Merchandising major myself, so Coach is right up my alley. Coach provides a competitive pay, and is generally flexible with hours which is perfect for a full-time student like myself. Although it is still retail so working on the weekends is required.Coach also gives bonuses on our paychecks called “teamshare” whenever our store meets the desired sales goal for the month. The employee discount is 65% ,which is really nice, and they have a tuition assistance program. There are benefits included as well. If you aspire to have a career in fashion, Coach is a great place to start!
Although the discounts are great and its not a labor intensive job, the pay gap between genders is unfair and there isn't much room for pay improvement. They don't value their employees and management along with how Coach treats its employees is not good.
Something our store prides it’s self on is our family-like work environment. Everyone gets along well. Everyone is willing to help each other whether it’s completing a sale, explaining the merchandise, or lending a helping hand when the store gets busy. I frequently am in contact with all the manager and feel comfortable with them which is a new experience for me. I am easily able to adjust my schedule and for a retail job is pays pretty well.
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Overall a pretty decent job for busy people. If you're a busy college student this job is perfect because they're extremely flexible. It's usually really slow unless it's a weekend which is expected. It gets pretty competitive between the sales associates because they all want the extra bonuses!
As a warehouse associate, I feel that Coach has provided a clean and safe working environment. The hours stay the same and never change. Generally, a lot of overtime is offered which helps when you have financial responsibilities. Breaks are considerable short, especially since the time it takes you to walk from the warehouse to the break room is counted as part of the break.
There is high pressure to make sales goals. Pay is higher than other retail stores but still average. They do offer health care for part-time employees after 90 days. Training is average.
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