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9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44195
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I started out as a research student and upon graduating with my Bachelor's degree, I was thankful to be promoted to full time. Throughout the organization, there is quite a familial atmosphere. It is incredibly humbling to walk throughout the hospital (main campus) and see all of the caregivers (staff) and patients and their families walking about, making the puzzle come together. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the organization to get involved and make connections. My area is research, which sometimes feels very siloed from the organization itself. Sometimes expectations are unclear and the work is very independent. Again, this is in an informatics research environment, so this is not generalizable to the entire organization! Altogether, the organization is something to aspire to be a greater part of and I'm proud to call myself a "caregiver" of the Cleveland Clinic.
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Working at the Cleveland Clinic has been such a growth opportunity for me. While I work full time and pursue my Nursing degree, my manager works with by busy schedule 100%. The employees here are amazing and have such big hearts. I have my foot in the door, so when I graduate with my Registered Nursing license, I will automatically be able to get a job as a nurse. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about working at the Cleveland Clinic, for I believe it is truly an amazing place to care for the people and patients who need our help!
I would not recommend going to any other hospital in the state! This place simply hires the best staff. Everyone here is competent and does everything by the policy. I love the teamwork and flexibility of every one in the enterprise and am so thankful for the importance they place on continuing education. One of the greatest places to work and definitely the best and only place to go when you need medical attention.