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3900 Dallas Parkway
Plano, TX 75093
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I really liked the environment and how much I’ve learned. They really teach you how to be great at customer service. They also groom you for management if they see potential. Free movies and popcorn! And you get half off of all the food when you’re on the clock. They offer raised based off you job performance every 6 months as well. It’s an overall great workplace, you just have to watch out for the managers that play favorites and the employees that don’t have your back.
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I have worked at Cinemark for almost a year now, and it has been an extremely positive experience. They offer raises every 6 months and they offer many benefits to employees. Employees get free movies, a large discount on purchases, and free popcorn and beverages. They are very flexible with the hours you work which allows me to work how many hours I want to work to maintain a healthy work to life balance. Every employee is always very happy to be there and is always willing to help.
My co-workers were very pleasant to work with. Overall the experience was new and fun. Hours are very flexible. I was in school full time and employed part time. Sick time and PTO is offered which was nice to have. Always staying busy. Higher pay would’ve been nice. Not much room for a higher up position. Only 2 positions are offered higher than Assistant manger, which didn’t really interest me. This job is primarily on your feet, whether it’s helping behind stand, selling tickets, stocking, etc.