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CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi Reviews

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I have worked for Christus Spohn Hospital for 17 years as a nurse and it has been very rewarding. I enjoy my job and all my co-workers. I feel like work is a second family rather that work. I am a spiritual person so I am grateful that I am able to express my faith at work. I enjoy that we start each day with a prayer.
Would like to see a change in employee pay as well as organization within department. I truly enjoy my job, but since the transition inMay 2017 of this trauma center, it has failed to show hope. Although there is a continuous evolving of change, there is lack of consistancy in areas that are needed to have job security and enjoy the work that I do for the patients.
This workplace is full of hard workers willing to do the work and to help everyone out and very good team work
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I have worked here less than a year but so far it has been great experience! I have learned a lot from my peers and the diverse patient population.
Christus Spohn Hospital is a wonderful place to work and has given me the opportunity to continue my education as well as give me the experience to pursue my career in nursing someday. Every day I am given a new task or challenge that allows me to grow not only as an employee for the health system but also as a human being. These qualities are what keeps me loyal to Christus Spohn and its sister facilities. I have worked here for almost 3 years and I believe that I have grown more in these past three years than I have in any other time of my life.
I've worked for Christus for 5 years and I love it! They offer college reimbursements and classes to extend your skills. The nurses and doctors I've worked with are very caring and kind. The pay is also promising also.
They treat a very underprivileged and poor population, which is challenging. I have gotten to see things I wouldn't see in most clinics.
Excellent place to work. I would not change a thing. Great staff, greaT pay, great enviroment. Could not ask for a better job. Recommend it to all my friends!
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