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4755 Ogletown-Stanton Road
Newark, DE 19718
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I have been an employee of Christiana Care for over 10 years. This is the first and only place I have ever wanted to work growing up before I even knew I wanted to enter nursing school. I have learned a great deal about being an employee at Christiana Care and I have built wonderful relationships with staff that I consider my family. This truly is a wonderful place to work. Once I graduate Nursing school, I plan on continuing to work for Christiana Care so that I can apply all the skills I have learned during my clinical rotation into the real world. This is only the beginning.
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I like the group I work with, we are a close nit crew to be a large group. Although I do agree with the morals and goals of the company there are things that could be done better. As an employee I feel everything boils down to money. Yes it is a business but not taking care of those who help your business has never, historically, turned out well. Patients have good and bad stories all over the hospital. I think that CCHS can be great it just needs some work
I Love it here , It is a amazing place to work and there are many different ways you can evolve as a person in the workplace. There is a lot of overtime, and many oppertunites for growth no matter what department you are in. The benefits are great and everyone is very friendly. The company want to see its employees grow and prosper. I would recommend anyone to work here. There are also out of school oppertunites for people to get hands on experience and be able to