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2139 Auburn Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45219
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Christ is a great place to work. As a PCA, the nurses can easily take advantage of your help, but they do not. The nurses here, for the most part, are more than willing to help with various aspects of your job. Managers are alright. They are willing to work with you most of the time on scheduling conflicts, and are considerate to those of us who are students. My floor does self-scheduling which is awesome. The schedule is made weeks in advance, and the opportunity for picking up shifts is always there.
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Working at The Christ Hospital is a great experience. I started working here during school, and plan on working here as a nurse after. My management is awesome, and there is a ton of opportunity for growth. The overall work environment is healthy, and time-off is encouraged.
Overall the hospital is a great place to work for. they really take care of their employees.They listen and care when there are issues going on in your personal life. There are many opportunists for advancement and if you don't fit in in one department, your manager will work with you to see if another department will fit you better. The compensation is slightly above average but they take care of you, hold annual parties and overall making working a joy, we have fun.