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I like the fast pace environment of chipotle, and the high standards for food safety. Management can be lacking in my experience.
There are great people to work with but often managers are inexperienced and just pushed through the process to become a manager without being taught basic laws and they are often very unprofessional.
Chipotle is an interesting minimum wage job to have. They have so many great benefits that you would see offered in a corporate setting, but you are free to work part time or full time, whatever fits your schedule. To see changed, I would like to see a more challenging work staff!
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Hard job. Managers are weird. Great benefits and good pay, starting at $9 an hour. Coworkers are friendly but may be lazy. Closing the resturant is hard work.
The staff is always a joy to have around, and it's a very great feeling when you know that you work at one of the cleanest and healthiest fast food restaurants in the country. The biggest issue I've had here, though, is the management. The management is extremely important in every company, and unfortunately it always seems to have a problem. Whether it's getting a new General Manager every 6 months, or Store managers quitting to find something better, there is always an issue when it comes to lack of communication between everyone. There have been many instances in which the store managers allow their employees to get away with too much, talk bad about the general manager, or even break company policies. I wish that it would be easier for everyone to be on the same page, staff and management included, but it seems impossible.
Unfortunately they have changed the company culture and it has turned for the worst because you don't feel like the company cares for their employees anymore. Thats one thing that I would like to change the company culture to help improve employee morale.
Working at Chipotle was amazing, the food prep proved to us that it was all fresh ingredients. We would start hours before opening on preparing everything fresh for the customers. Only the best quality. Everyone was treated with respect and it was enjoyable.
Seriously the worst place to work for ever. My manager would hire high school students and never train them properly, and in turn all the other coworkers would get annoyed and or angry due to the fact the kid never knew what to do. "The Customer is Always Right" policy leaves a window open for customers to be extremely rude to workers. I was personally called a homophobic slur and a racist term due to this policy and was told not to say anything back to the customer.
I have been working with Chipotle for about four months now. I enjoy working with my managers and my other crew members because they make sure that I have everything I need in order to complete my task for the day.
I have been at Chipotle for over 3 years now. It has provided me with a lot of opportunities that I would not have had if I had not taken the job. For example, I was flown out to LA to film a commercial for Chipotle. Other than that, I have been taught things about myself that I would not have learned if it was not for Chipotle such as time management, guest service, and POS knowledge.
I like the customer service. Everyone is very nice, which in return creates a positive working environment. Employees are very experienced. It makes for a smooth paying process. The customers arrive happy and leave even happier. This will get them to come back, meaning more business for the restaurant. Especially if the food is good as well. The restaurant is kept very clean, it is very sanitary, it smells good, there is a little bit of soft music playing, and the food is very good and is of a very good quality. The employees look presentable. If there is a problem with anything, the staff will do everything in their power to fix it or help the customer.
I worked here for two years and lot change in that time. Employees would not last a long period of time the team would constantly change. The promotions weren't the best it was always given to those that were friends with the managers instead of those that worked hard for it.
I love working at Chipotle! I have great co-workers and it's enjoyable every time I work. It's a fast pace, simple job. It's a perfect part time job for high school students. At my location, it's very flexible which is great.
My coworkers were very friendly, but the actual work is stressful, especially in the kitchen when you're working by yourself and won't get a break to even go to the bathroom for five minutes. The average age at my store was probably around 23 and turnover was very high, so the training process was not as thorough as it should be.
Chipotle was a tight-knit environment. The restaurant is small, so you get to the your co-workers well. The environment was always friendly, but it was easy to tell that there was favoritism. A shift manager made it very clear to me that I was just measly a crew member and nothing more. After that, I never felt 100% respected as an employee. The general manager was accommodating when it came to school and academic schedules, but requesting time-off in general was a hassle. But the job was pretty simple as a cashier. I liked how Chipotle has a lot of benefits, too. I wish I took more advantage of them before I left, but Chipotle as a company really does take care of its employees. They have a benefit where they will pay for school tuition and some health benefits. I also like how environmentally sound Chipotle is trying to be with there fresh and "raised-responsibly" meats and ingredients make you feel good when you eat the food. They also use compostable bowls.
They don't pay you enough for the amount of work that goes in. The expectations they set for Restaurateurs are so high, and think that the pay should better reflect that. Also, if you end up being salaried, be prepared to work a ton of unpaid overtime. It seemed like the safety rules kept changing on an almost monthly period after the food poisoning incident. the only upside to Chipotle is that they are LGBTQ+ inclusive, offer assistance for college, and provide health care to part time employees (if you can even afford the cut to your small paycheck).
I've been working for Chipotle for almost 3 years now and I've enjoyed every step of my journey so far. I've made my way through the management chain and took advantage of the tuition reimbursement that is offered through them . They have good benefits for salary managers as well and could turn into a career sometime in the future.
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Great work environment! It is easy to make friends and work as a team. The managers bring an upbeat attitude which allows the crew members to have a positive work experience
Takes care of their employees and pays well in comparison to other companies, however it does have some oversight and micromanaging which can be frustrating. Minor benefits also a plus.
I have grown as a professional individual In the company, I like how organize and thorough they are with their training and how much time they invest on each person so they can grow in the company. I love all the benefits they have to offer for college students. I believe the company needs a better sick policy and more workshops for developing their management team as they struggle to face new obstacles in today’s generation. I also believe that crew and management need to have better pay.
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