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The nurses are very nice on all floors! But the way some of the floors are ran are very unorganized and scattered and not helpful to others.
Management need to start listening to the frontline employees. Those who are working in the department can see what needs to be corrected in order for the department to run more efficiently.
I have worked her for two years as a PCT. I love my job. We are all come together like a big family. The Hospital needs better staffing when it comes to nurse to patient ratios, as well as PCT to patient ratios. The communication between floors could be better.
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Great company, dedicated to giving employees the best working conditions with in reason. Always sceduling events to show employee appreciation.
i have worked with Chilton for about 2 years now. i do like how small this hospital is to start out in the medical field for i would like to become a nurse after i finish my undergraduate degree at Montclair state for Public Health. the only thing i would like Chilton to fix is the overall management. i feel like the medical staff such as the nurses and techs do a lot for this hospital and put in a lot of time but we get no recognition for what we do.
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