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Ever since being a patient here at 4 years old and receiving the best care, with a family oriented company. Working for CHOA has always been my dream job.
At any job there are pros/cons. Here the pros outweight the cons. I love the teamwork here. Your assignment and patient population will be better than any adult hospital.
CHOA has done an excellent job maintaining employees. Within inpatient settings I have seen more employees remain within this hospital system than any other I have previously worked in.
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I like the work that we do here because it's truly beneficial for the clients and their families. I don't like that management does such a poor job at even pretending they care about employees. Anyone is replaceable.
Children's offers a robust educational on boarding experience to new graduate healthcare professionals. The transition from school to professional practice is almost seamless. The workplace could use overall improvement in company morale and workplace culture.
The workplace culture is very friendly and encouraging. There is great work life balance, so I never feel like I’m putting my life on hold to work.
My overall experience with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta has been nothing but wonderful. Manager and team always encourage staff to grow both personally or educational. I'm so proud to be apart of this company that makes children healthier and provide a safer tomorrow for them. This is why I am pursuing in furthering my education in nursing and become a pediatric nurse.
The overall culture at Children's is great: focused on providing the best possible care for patients. Employees are respected and compensated well as a whole. However in my specific department, the push to speed up patient visits and increase our "customer service" threatens the current workplace culture.
CHOA is an amazing company that is providing amazing health care making kids better today and healthier tomorrow!!! CHOA is constantly evolving to provide the latest and safest medical treatments. It is truly a very rewarding company.
I love what I do in my department. Fighting claims and denial from insurance company it challenging but worth it in the end. I help get our patients devices in a timely manner. The parents and children are happy when they hear the good news of their devices being approved from the insurance companies . It's sure an honor to change their lives for the better.
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is one of the best places to work. The employees are so nice and helpful. It is a very rewarding job.
I've never been happier at another job. I never dread coming nor ready to leave out the door. My coworkers are kind and always willing to help and I always leave with a fulfilled heart knowing I made a difference in someone's life that day!
I work at the call center for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. It is a very high-stress position that is very involved in the patient/family interactions with our hospitals, urgent cares, rehab and surgical locations, as well as our multispecialty outpatient clinics.

We support the specialty clinics at the highest degree. We answer every call to for these clinical personnel (e.g., nurses, patient care techs, and doctors). If you need an appointment, have a complaint, or a clinical need, I am the one who helps you get that need to the appropriate person. Whenever children are involved, parents and families can be on high edge and very upset if something is not done in the order or manner they want. Especially when trying to get in to see a doctor for something like having diabetes or epilepsy. These patients require on-call assistance whenever blood sugars are involved or seizures occur as these things can become fatal.
I love the overall care that all children receive and the importance of putting children's health first.
CHOA is company that genuinely cares about their patient care and making sure its employees have the tools they need to provide excellent care. CHOA offers great career opportunity and growth.
I have worked at CHOA Scottish Rite for 21 years and LOVE it! It is a wonderful place to work with great people and the most current and up do date equipment. It is a very rewarding place to work where you feel each day you are making a difference in the life of a child and their family.
I have been with children's for 5 years and I love the atmosphere and the joys of working with children. Just being able to help and make them smile brightens my day. If I could change anything it would probably be compensation.
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This job is the best job I've ever had! I love working at Children's. The culture is great, I feel like I'm paid fairly and I always feel supported at work. I would strongly recommend this job to anyone who is interested in applying.
CHOA is a truly special place to work. I have never known such compassionate, driven, caring employees, from EVS, to cafeteria workers, therapists, doctors and nurses, all truly strive to make the lives of the patients and their families better and healthier. CHOA offers some of the best benefits of any employer and they go out of their way to make employees appreciated. I worked there full-time for 4 years and was promoted to a leadership position after only working there for 11 months. Professionally, I gained immeasurable skills and even completed a 12-month Management Essentials Program offered through and paid for by CHOA. I left to pursue a nursing degree and I would gladly return to work in a clinical role.
The benefits at CHOA are good, but the growth opportunities are very limited. culture is friendly but has a very top-down attitude. Perks include wellness Wednesday and summer Fridays.
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