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They are an ok company to work for but the pay stinks and it can be hard work which is rewarding the benefits are terrible
I loved working for Childcare Network. It felt like my boss was super supportive of me and that my colleagues and I were a family. My only concern was toxic management from the COO Dana. She handled business very much like a high schooler, hiring her best friends to work directly for her in roles they were incompetent in performing.
I have been with this company for almost four years and I enjoy working with my kids and what i do. The company provides everything we need as teachers and everything for our students. Money is never an issue and we have a very unique curriculum which incorporates literature science and math for children.
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The management was terrible and didn't want to do anything with the children. All the things that you try to teach the children they didn't want you to do. They act those teachers are babysitters or nannies.
In my experience, being a college student and working here has its benefits. The Number 1 benefit is how flexible management is with my school hours. All I have to do each semester is tell them my school schedule and they will build me a schedule accordingly. The biggest downfall to working here is the compensation without or even with a lot of experience you don't get paid enough, and for someone who is putting themselves through college, its really tough to get a sufficient amount of money, but besides that working for Childcare Network has been a pleasure for the past year.
I like my working environment, the hours are long compared to public schools but overall this is a good company to work for.
I have been working for Childcare Network for 4 years, and absolutely love it. They are helping me become a better educator, and have been very supportive in me advancing in my education, and career. I have grown so much with this company, and would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for employment, and childcare services.
I have worked here for almost a year and a half and I love it! The opportunity is amazing and I have evolved over time. Not just as an employee but as a person as well. My director is amazing and is always understanding. She tries to accommodates everyone's needs while still running a professional Center. She has a close nit relationship with all of her employees.
I love the children and their families. All of the employees get along. there is no room for advancement and no pay increases. They want you to work overtime but don't want to pay.
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