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Great work location and friendly employees. Ability to work remotely in certain departments. Little to moderate travel for most positions. Ability to relocate as the company is growing through acquisition of other companies. Recently branched into providing Cell Phones with Verizon Wireless.
Been working here for almost 4 years - the opportunity for changing positions and moving up is always there. There is always room for growth - I do recommend this company.
Being part of the team at Charter Communication is rewarding in personal growth and team building. The company offers layers of coaching and tools to ensure your success. Employees at every level are willing to lend a hand and help each other. The company wants each person to succeed on their own therefor the company can succeed as an entity. The office building is clean and modern which offers a welcoming environment to learn as we work. Charter promotes from within and motivates employees to move to departments where they want to continue career growth.
The company offers competitive compensation plenty of opportunity to work overtime for additional hours. Benefits and tuition reimbursement were a key factor in me joining the company. I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of the Charter team!
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Been with Charter for 9 years. Great benefits. I'm excited to see what the company looks like when all centers are virtualized.
I liked helping customers. That is all that can be decently said without causing lots of other issues. I do not want to say more but this is requiring a stupid 100 character limit so just trying to fill the spaces until I can continue.
Depending on the area of the business you are in, it is a great place to work. Once you are hired in one area of the business, it can be extremely difficult to move around or even move up within that area of the business you are in.
Perfect job, honestly one of the best that I've ever had. My pay was 16+ an hr. Coming from 7.25 minimum wage that was a big increase. My trainers were friendly, the work was easy and explained fairly well. If I could continue working here I would anyday.
I really Love working for Charter Communications. Its not to far from where I currently live so, the location is great. They have great benefits for affordable rates. I work in one of the corporate buildings and management is very supportive , nice and knowledgeable. The pay rate in my opinion is very reasonable for the amount of work and many growth opportunities.
Toxic culture, poor communication. Management completely disconnected from front line workers. Pay is appropriate for the work performed, but the corporate approach to employee care is draconian.
over all its a pretty good job, the day to day can get a little overwhelming and tiring and stressful but the company is good. They work with you on your specific situations, if you need to miss work and things like that. They provide good health insurance, retirement, 401k, paid time off. over all its a good company
Working with Charter you will see first hand what direction the company is heading. With several meetings a week and work never stops. You work in a very corporate culture. Constant opportunities to move up.
I would change the dynamic of the workplace. There is structure however emplyess need to be heard as well. The work experience has been positive for the most part. I believe upper level management should also listen to there peers in order to make it environment a better place.
Its a great place to work the only thing I don't like is the hours because its never a for sure thing what time you will get out but other than that its a great place to work and learn new things and also to move up with the company
Charter has great benefits. I have worked hard and have been rewarded with great pay and promotions. It's hard work and if you are dedicated you will go far. If you are just looking to get a job and do the minimum requirements, you are welcome here too but don't expect to be a barn burner. It is telecommunications so there will always be an ebb and flow of departments and responsibility. The only constant is change. But stick around and fatten up the 401K and maybe your savings. The healthcare alone is the best out there.
This place was probably one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made. While I was able to afford some nice stuff my mental health very rapidly declined and more days than not I barely had the energy to get out of bed.
It went from being a fun place pre-merger where you always wondered what you were going to do next to existential dread every time I arrive at the building post-merger. Come to find out that they treat the people from old Charter better than they do either of the companies they bought
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I have been here less than a year and due to medical emergencies I e had to take quite a lot of time off. They have supported me thru this hard time and have always been there for me.
I was a door to door sales representative and the job was very flexible with my schedule as long as I met my sales quota. My co workers, supervisors and other coworkers in other departments were very curious and helpful whenever I needed assistance. It is a great company to work for overall.
I like the fact that I have a set schedule, however the company can use a lot of assistance when dealing with both employees and customers.
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